Planning Rides in 2021: Am I Crazy?

It’s no secret that COVID-19 turned 2020 into a mess of a year. While the virus and subsequent quarantining certainly effected our daily lives, it also hindered our ability to travel. For us moto-obsessed folks, traveling is less of a hobby and more of a mental pressure release valve. A necessary part of life to help quiet the crazy voices and anxiety that circle around us.

The real gut-shot was having to cancel every idea of a long weekend trip due to safety. Ideas of riding up to the Finger Lakes in NY and freely traveling to scenic views and wineries were squashed and even the quick moto-camping trip had to be halted. The only riding that was safely achievable involved localish loops with the occasional takeout meal. Yes, I was riding which was the most important part, but it just wasn’t the same! The memories I hoped to gain and new experiences of long-haul runs were shoved to the back-burner while trying to find masks that didn’t fog my glasses up took precedence. Clearly, 2020 was a let down.

Now, it’s a halfway through February 2021 and I don’t know what to do. Normally I’d start picking destinations or routes to visit and soft-plan the timeframe needed, but it all feels a bit pointless. While vaccines should bring about us back to a semi-normal life, it’s still a big question of when that will be? Can I finally plan my trip to the Tail of the Dragon in June? Will me and some buddies be able to book a campsite in May without worrying about eating and socially-distant attractions? Will I break down and buy that DRZ-400… oh wait that’s for a different post. It’s just a bummer that many of us can’t plan ahead to a more exciting year.

Yes, these thoughts and concerns are relatively small in the big-picture of COVID-19 safety. While my adherence to CDC and physician guidelines have hampered an important part of my life, it’s all for the sake of remaining safe and healthy. However, that doesn’t mean I have to refrain from complaining about it here and dreaming of the day where I can take a spontaneous trip across PA without have to plan COVID-safe stops.

As for 2021, who truly knows when and how we can all plan our two-wheeled adventures? Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later because Betsy (my V-Star) is very tired of staying in Jersey. Soon, Betsy, soon.