Buying New Tools: A Personal Problem

I’ve been thinking about tools and I can’t figure out why. It’s not because I’m starting a big project or a random bag of money fell into my lap, but sadly I think I’m simply addicted to new tools.

Like a meme about dads seeking refuge in a Home Depot, I can’t seem to stop looking at unnecessary additions. The most expensive window browsing so far has focused around a motorcycle lift. Yes, a Harbor Freight lift is “only” $470, and it would take care of my casual needs once the wheel-chock is upgraded…BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT PAPA WANTS.

Now the above two options are what my dreams are made of! What you see here is Titan and Black Widow lifts that far exceed my budget and occupy my head. Both of these lifts included extended sides because why not and the all-so-important wheel drop-out. Also, they carry a price tag of $1,500 so I wouldn’t describe them as budget friendly. While the logical side of my brain knows that this purchase is far in the future, the inner five-year-old in me knows no such logic. So what can I buy to sooth my silly needs?

T-Handle EVERYTHING is far more attainable! This is a piece of equipment that the all-knowing Emma from Misfits Motorcycle Podcast told me (well not just me) are essential for the home-mechanic. Also, if your are obsessed with pistons and the sensation of straddling an exploding motor, follow that podcast, it’s fantastic. BACK TO TOOLS.

Klein Hex T-Handle Set for $40!

I can grab various sets from Motion Pro or Klein at under $50 brand new and believe me I’ll put them to work. Now since no tool set should be left alone, I could buy friends for this set in socket, torx, and SAE because WHY NOT. This can be the answer…but what about wrenches.

I already have a fair amount of wrenches/ratcheting wrenching but obviously I need some offset ones right? Once again, this is purely practical since who likes fighting with a straight-angle wrench behind a frame rail that’s hellbent on removing all the skin off your knuckles! This is highly specific but you get the picture.


Here is a beautiful set from Teckton which also comes with that sweet sweet pouch. I’ll be honest, any set that comes with a pouch is immediately better regardless of quality. To me, $100 is a perfect amount of money for this bent metal and they’ll soon find their way into my drawer.

The last pieces of equipment I’ll mention are actual needs for a motosexual person and that’s the air compressor/power-washer combo. I actually have no idea which models to look at but check out this 2000PSI Electric Ryobi washer:

A model like this would allow any rider to shoot that sweet foam wash all over their ride and that’s what I need…I need it. Also, as a homeowner this is just a practical investment right? Now follow that up with this gorgeous Husky air compressor for $300!

This investment is needed for the lift but also the air-ratchet I have yet to buy or even hooking up a little spray nozzle so I can clean dust out of things. I might be spinning that last point but I’ll justify this any way I want.

So what tools am I forgetting? A tabletop grinder/sander? A collection of various torque wrenches? Maybe a pinstripe brush? Gosh, I think I really am addicted to tools.